Shaping Cultures of Cooperation

Harassment Prevention Strategies and Change Consulting.

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"Invaluable practices”

“inFLUX has provided many trainings for our team who consist of not only adults, but also teen educators.  They have facilitated a series of highly tailored trainings, using behavioral science to help our team connect how we think with what we do.  Their trainings are very engaging, pulling their audience into their own learning experience through humor, practice and innovative technologies.  The practical skills cultivated and honed by my team via Kenny’s training technics have become invaluable practices that we use in our daily work.”

Louise, NYC - women's health organization

"Video dealing with harassment”

“InFLUX helped us make a video that educated our staff on methods for dealing with harassment in ways that they can manage without putting themselves or their jobs at risk. Since then our office has changed dramatically.”

Emily C. Insurance Broker


"More effective advocates for our mission"

I have had the delight of working with Kenny Shults and inFLUX for a number years across a variety of digital media, communications, education and advocacy projects. Over the course of our work together, I have found Kenny and inFLUX to be an innovative, creative and transformative resource and partner.

Recently, we engaged inFLUX to facilitate our annual staff appreciation day, where he was tasked with helping our 100+ employees build deeper connections to improve working relationships and become more effective advocates for our mission. He came to the meeting superbly prepared and wonderfully enthusiastic.

Throughout the day-long event, Kenny and his team were successful in keeping a very diverse group of professionals on track by providing thought-provoking content that built team consensus and respect. More specifically, Kenny and the team presented a compelling and interactive presentation on the role of digital communication in our office culture, which was effective in bringing our employees into the fold of using social media to advance our mission.

Thanks to his outstanding facilitation skills, Kenny and inFLUX helped our team form passionate and consistent messaging about the essential weservices offer. Equally important, he helped us understand how to leverage social media and our own personal connections to support our goals.

I give Kenny and his team the highest recommendation. Hire him! You will be very thankful you did.

Sarah, Long Island, NY

"Transformed how we approach group tasks"


Kenny has been instrumental in leading our team to develop new skills and talents through his group facilitation.  He is keenly aware of both group dynamics and individuals’ needs, which combine to make him a dynamic presenter who can guide the participants to a group consensus while embracing unique and individual perspectives. Kenny’s work has transformed how we approach group tasks, how we interact with new participants, and how we present information.  He is engaging, quick-witted, genuine and authentic.  Our participants continuously leave first-day sessions with smiles on their faces and looking forward to the next day.  We continue to bring him back year after year because of his approach to learning, training, development, and team-building.  I cannot recommend working with Kenny and his team enough!

Emmie, Utica,  NY - public health services

"Extensive experience"

Kenny creates an engaging learning environment by combining extensive experience and well-researched information with humor and candor so that participants are able to examine their current practices and explore new ideas.

Ruthie, Denver, Colorado - Denver Department of Health

"inFLUX can work with anyone!"

inFLUX can work with anyone! Our agency has very specific cultural needs, and the team was able to seamlessly engage with our staff and leadership to help us think about ways to improve what we do. We were skeptical that an organization based in New York would be the right fit, but they were highly recommended so we took the chance - we're glad we did! 

Cesar, El Paso, TX - community outreach organization