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Harassment Prevention Strategies and Change Consulting.


EEOC compliance meets Team building

though collaborative video production

Digital Video Has the Power to Change Behavior

The proliferation of digital video is changing the way people learn, and can improve outcomes, change company culture, modify behaviors, streamline HR practices, orient new staff, and so much more. You can capitalize on the "new media revolution" to generate high-quality video products informed by staff and leadership. The combination of our production expertise, our ability to facilitate group processes, and strong understanding of EEOC requirement make for a unique, innovative and efficient approach to influencing workplace culture.

further internal goals through digital video

Ours is a unique and innovative team-building process using a digital media project as the focus. Participants create a short video on any topic or issue relevant to the team or company's goals. This process gives staff an opportunity to unpack issues and barriers to performance, identify problems and solutions, and gain perspective - all of which lead to better outcomes. What’s more, the participants in the production process change their own attitudes and behaviors in relation to whatever campaign they help the organization design, and become subject matter ambassadors organically.

We have facilitated dozens of these processes and  digital products. These videos are leveraged by the team or company for:

A video on how to be a good bystander to harassment.

A video on how to be a good bystander to harassment.

  • EEOC compliant harassment prevention

  • Policy orientation & education

  • Exploring how humor can either ease tension, or stoke it.

  • Improving company culture

  • Promoting cooperation

  • Building strong leadership

These videos can also capture a team's successes and breakthroughs, document agreements and action plans, and provide the team with a reference point for the progress achieved in a retreat or strategic planning session. 



Leveraging the Products

In addition to the benefits of participating in a cooperative team-building activity, these workshops result in a digital product that can be leveraged as internal marketing messages, new-hire training and orientation tools, prevention strategies, policy announcements, and more - all of which can be used in perpetuity for future team-building and staff management efforts. 

A video created internally is more specific to your organization’s needs, culture, practices, and goals. Relying on videos and instructional tools that are designed to meet the needs of any type or organization, means they are bland and most often irrelevant.

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Media is a Mirror

We rarely get to watch ourselves engage with others. When given the opportunity to capture & view these exchanges through digital media,  we can give ourselves feedback on our own behaviors and attitudes. This is called "Affective Awareness" - gaining perspective on your actions, interpersonal skills, and the way you appear to others. This can be an invaluable tool in the endeavor to improve our interactions with others. 

inFLUX Cinematographer, Branden Poe

inFLUX Cinematographer, Branden Poe

High Quality, Affordable Production

Video production has changed. A lot. It's now cheaper and easier to create polished products without a full crew or expensive equipment. Working with our own nimble, professional commercial production specialists, we generate affordable, high-quality digital products. Most importantly, these video projects are informed and created by the people who comprise the company or organization.