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Harassment Prevention Strategies and Change Consulting.

Hashtags Aren’t Enough

to Reduce the Incidence of Harassment

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The #MeToo movement has generated tremendous, and long overdue awareness about sexual harassment. While this is a welcome change, it also means that employees are now more attuned to behaviors that can constitute harassment at work, increasing the risk of liability. Time's up - you need a better harassment prevention strategy.

It’s not enough to tell people what not to do. Real prevention starts with understanding.

We offer a variety of harassment-prevention learning and development services tailored to the needs of your company. Our approaches tackle the issue at its roots, not with “training” that simply conveys laws and policies. Employees must understand the fundamentals that inform workplace harassment before they can invest in efforts to make change.

Don’t Train, Change Workplace Culture

…Through diffusion, not dictates. Seeding the workplace with employees who understand harassment is the best way to organically promote change. Peers learn best from peers, so let staff educate themselves and each other. Resistance occurs when staff are confused about the foundations for policies, and when they’re resentful of feeling patronized.

Letting staff do all the work is not only more efficient, but it’s far more effective.

start addressing harassment In all its Forms

it’s actually easier to talk about all kinds of discrimination than any one form by itself.

Everyone is impacted by marginalization in some way, but if you only have a conversation about how women or people of color are discriminated against, it results in defensiveness.

Sexual Harassment Isn’t the Only Type of Harassment That Can Expose You to Liability.

Focusing solely on just one type of harassment is inefficient and ineffective. If you want to do something about harassment in the workplace, you must implement a holistic approach that results in universal competence that results from employees’ own insights. When staff can relate to others who are at most risk for harassment, they understand why preventing it is important.

Let’s Be Honest… Employees Hate Harassment Training.

So stop it. It only confuses employees, and actually contributes to discord, disconnection, and disharmony. Training is telling, facilitating is giving staff the opportunity, and the respect, to own the insights and conclusions they reach.

Workplace Harassment Claims

Racial harassment claims continue to account for a larger percentage of all workplace harassment claims.

The “Dos and Don’ts” Don’t Work!

Effect real change by teaching the fundamentals of harassment. When employees understand harassment, its roots, and how it affects everyone, including themselves, it generates empathy. And empathy leads to change.


Produce your own EEOC compliant Training videos

specific to your industry, work environment, culture, and needs.

When companies develop their own, in-house legislation-compliant harassment and discrimination videos, it produces evergreen and relevant training materials that reflect the precise ways problems can manifest in YOUR workplace. Developing workplace-specific, staff-informed internal messaging means that staff don’t have to translate generic harassment scenarios into their experiences, or be subjected to dated, hackneyed videos that make it difficult to take the issue seriously.

inFLUX's production team creates training materials that interrupt threatening situations.

inFLUX's production team creates training materials that interrupt threatening situations.

But the process of letting staff create these tools does much more, and takes professional development and team building to the next level through behavioral science and affordable, high quality production services that we work with staff and leadership to produce. Through this process, participants learn more effectively and become leaders in the effort to reduce the incidence of harassment.  They become your company’s policy experts, influencers, and models for appropriate workplace attitudes and behaviors.

Additionally, these videos can accomplish more than just training. Customized training materials can orient new staff, convey worplace-behavior expectations, communicate policies, and mold workplace culture according to YOUR company’s mission and values.

Research Shows that Digital Video Has the Power to not only educate, but Change Behavior!

The proliferation of digital video is changing the way people learn, and can improve outcomes, change company culture, modify behaviors, streamline HR practices, and so much more. We ensure they are effective by infusing research-based behavioral instruction that results in critical thinking, shifts in attitudes, and ultimately behavior change.