Shaping Cultures of Cooperation

Harassment Prevention Strategies and Change Consulting.

Our Service Package


Additional, Discrete Services

  • Leadership-Specific Workshop to Orient and Expand Vision

  • Booster Sessions

  • Inter-department Workshops

  • Training of HR staff and/or Other in-house Group Facilitators (ToF)

  • In Depth Assessment and Findings Report

    TKI Conflict Mode Instrument Implementation and Analysis, and/or Other Tools That Examine Staff and Leadership Work Styles and Values (Myers/Briggs, Five Dysfunctions, Generational Differences Assessment, etc.)


Standard Package

  • Assessment 

  • 3 - 5 Workshops With a Team or Small Company 

  • Booster Session Materials and Activities HR or Mangers Can Easily Conduct In House

  • Summary of Participants’ Observations, Insights, and Perceptions of the Team or Company (Without Naming Individuals)

  • Summary of Facilitator’s Observations on the Team or Company, and Reflections and Highlights of the Workshop’s Process and Outcomes (Without Naming Individuals)

  • Guidance on Moving Forward 

Internal Training, harassment prevention, and employee-Marketing Media Production

Video-Production Workshops That Culminate in High-quality:


  • EEOC compliant harassment and discrimination videos specific to YOUR COMPANY’S setting, needs and goals.

  • Internal Marketing Media Production Workshops With a Team and/or Leadership (Video, Posters, Digital Content).

  • Evergreen Videos for New Employee Orientation, Staff Guidance, Policy Overviews, Harassment Prevention, and more.

Nonprofit-Specific media

  • High-quality Fundraising Media (Video, Poster Ads, etc.)

  • Community Engagement, and Outreach Media

  • Social Marketing (Behavior-change Campaigns)