Shaping Cultures of Cooperation

Harassment Prevention Strategies and Change Consulting.

It’s not ALL About Me,



I work with a handpicked team of behavior-change specialists with backgrounds in public health, social justice, and prevention. I make sure we are effective by keeping our eyes on the prize - changing behaviors. 

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Humor is a tool for change…

I’m also a stand up comedian, and often referred to as an "advocacy comic" for using the platform to help people better understand challenging issues.

I use humor to facilitate understanding, defuse discomfort, and resolve conflict, and do so strategically, professionally and with compassion.  Workshops aren’t conducted like a “comedy driver's-ed class” -- which are never funny.  It’s about allowing people to be themselves, not their professional personas, and tackling this work in an informal, thoughtful, relaxed, yet safe way. This creates a low-vulnerability, high-participation setting that contributes to cooperation and retention.

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At the risk of sounding too critical of social-change advocates, I do have some disagreements about how to best go about it. Yes, people should feel empowered to ask others to grow up, and acclimate to the changing landscape of equality, but they don’t need to be berated into doing it. In fact, that approach is far less effective. It doesn’t make sense to dub “straight white males” as villains, because everyone thinks they’re "the good guy.” We need to support what people do well, and build on that to motivate further change. But that requires a more nuanced approach than finger pointing and self-righteous name calling, which only serves to inflame tensions.

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Our techniques have proven effective many times over. and have been implemented with scores of diverse agencies around the country.

We come in with open minds, provide objective analyses, a plan to facilitate change, and the guidance needed for sustaining it.  We are dedicated to helping people, teams, and organizations become more cooperative through increased understanding. We do this carefully, and methodically, and take the process off your plate as quickly as possible by working with leadership to establish transparent, unambiguous, and achievable goals.

We facilitate organizational change by imparting methods and techniques for becoming more collaborative; unpacking cultural and generational value differences that inform different approaches to work; and using humor and enjoyable, dynamic training that facilitates understanding between the people who fuel the engine of an organization.